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Motorcycle shipping company in Dubai

Are you confused about shipping motorcycle overseas? Do you have trouble in choosing between the various shipping companies? Then, we can help you find an apt solution.


Automobiles, especially motorcycles, have become an inevitable part of everyone’s day to day life. It is a known fact that the tastes and preferences of the modern world have changed a lot when compared to olden days. The case of choice in motorcycles is not an exception. Today’s youth is behind latest trends and technology in everything they posses and use. The import and export of luxury motorcycles is very common all around the world. Similarly, in the case of relocation from one country to another, shipping motorcycles overseas is also a great concern. This is where the motorcycle shipping companies play their role.


Movers Global is a leading motorcycle shipping company with well qualified and experienced personnel. We have been successfully serving our customers for the last 17 years. There are many specialties that make Movers Global unique and outstanding among the other motorcycle shipping companies. We provide assistance in international moving, commercial moving, shipping motorcycle overseas by air and sea freight, warehousing, etc.


Movers Global emphasizes in the movement of motorcycles both from Dubai to any part of the world and to Dubai from any part of the world. The shipment is done mainly to and from Europe, USA, UK, Africa, Asia, Australia and worldwide. Motorcycles that are usually shipped include    Harley Davidson, Ducati, Yamaha, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Victory and Triumph. Shipping motorcycle overseas is done on Door to Door basis. Sometimes, customers prefer to pick it up from the port of destination and the requirement will insist for Door to Port.


Motorcycles are shipped by various modes of transportation such as roadways, airways and waterways. It can be done as air freight, container sea freight or by land Transport on carriers. The mode of transportation or the type of carrier, model of vehicle, distance between the two ports etc are the main factors that decide the expenses for shipping motorcycle overseas.


Anyone planning for shipping motorcycle overseas can undoubtedly approach Movers Global at any time as we provide the best relocation services without compromising the quality in service. Once the commodities are packed, they are shifted to the loading facility and stuffed in the container. We can always ensure you the sincerity and dedication of our team members who are available as per your requirement. The nearest available date of shipment will be scheduled and your consignment will be loaded from Dubai port at the time of moving authentication. This will be accompanied by all the necessary documentations prepared by the team members of motorcycle shipping company. Documents required for shipping motorcycle overseas are Passport copy, UAE Visa page copy, RTA Certificate, shipping details and destination address.


The procedure of shipping motorcycle overseas by Movers Global is done through various steps. One has to obtain the papers from Registration Department/RTA for shipping your Motorbike. Our clients will be provided with necessary details and documentations for this purpose once shipping with us is confirmed. After that your motorcycle has to reach our warehouse to be shipped. It can be either rode by yourself to the warehouse or we will make necessary arrangements for a recovery to pick your Motorbike safely from your location. The next step is motorbike crating. Safety and protection is of great concern for us. When your motorcycle reaches the warehouse, a wooden crate is made as per the dimension of your Motorbike. Your motorbike is entered into the crate. It will be fully safe and secure in our hands now. There is a requirement for the customs to inspect the Chassis Number/Engine Number. A small opening is made in the wooden crate for this purpose. A motorcycle can be about 4 Cubic meter including the wooden crate. The procedures for delivering your vehicle at the destination will be completed by our destination agent.


Your motorcycle requires some preparations before shipping it overseas to make it ready for shipment. Cleanliness is an unavoidable factor everywhere. So, the vehicle to be shipped must be cleaned thoroughly. Make a note of the physical damages like scratches, chips, dings etc. Check whether there are any mechanical issues or problems and make a note of the same. You can take photographs of your vehicle depicting every damages and details. Make sure that you do certain other preparations such as inflating the tires, charging battery, filling the gas tank to 1/4 or lesser, checking and fixing all fluid leaks etc. check the conditions of the wheels, tyres and engine compartment. When the mover from the motorcycle shipping company arrives, hand over all records to him.


Apart from the preparations, you must also take some precautions while shipping motorcycle overseas. Make sure that the moving company has valid license to ship motorcycles to Dubai or any other country. The full value of the vehicle should have insurance coverage. You must be informed about the freight or mode of transportation and the actual time of delivery. The shipping company should have a concerned and authorized person to clear the vehicle through customs and taxes and deliver the vehicle in the destination. Ensure that there are no hidden charges in the cost quoted and must be inclusive of all necessary services that you require. The customs duty during shipping depends on the value of the motorcycle. It is statutory that all the motorcycle shipping companies in Dubai should abide by the rules and regulations prevailing there. So, the motorcycle shipping company that you select should be well versed with the rules and regulations.


There are certain documents required at the time of arrival including bill of lading, delivery order, invoice, certificate of origin, with details of the make, model, and other details of the motorcycle. The copy of the passport and the UAE Residency permit or visa should be shown. It is to be noted that an estimate of the depreciated value of the motorcycle at the time of the import should be made available.

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5 Foolproof Ways to Compare with the Moving Companies

Are you planning to move soon? Have you decided on which moving company to hire? Moving from one place to another is tough. You have to prepare yourself emotionally, but you have to take care of your belongings as well. It isn’t easy to move all of your possessions on your own. But do not worry! There are several moving companies in the market that you can hire. However, choosing the right moving company can be a tricky process. You need to do a bit of research before you select one.


Here are the top 5 ways to compare different moving companies in the market and choose the right one for you:


Compare based on the experience: The first thing you need to look out for is to select a moving company with a lot of experience. A company that has been in the business for a long time will know every trade trick. Experienced companies visit your house once to assess the possible problems that need to be addressed while moving. For example, an inspection will help you to overcome obstacles such as small doorways or a long flight of stairs when your possessions are being moved. All the experienced moving companies will provide you with an estimate of the total cost before moving your possessions. It will help you to plan everything accordingly, and you do not have to face problems while moving.


Compare after seeing the rate chart: Different moving companies charge different prices for the services they provide. It is not mandatory to hire the most expensive moving company. More money doesn’t necessarily guarantee better service. You have to compare different prices to fix the right one that suits your budget. Usually, when you have to move locally, the moving companies charge you on an hourly basis. In case you want to move a little far away, the prices will be fixed and based on the distance. Don’t rush with the whole process. It might seem like the easiest option to choose the cheapest option at first. But it can cost you a lot more in the long run. Several companies often have hidden charges. Hence, you need to take your time when you are comparing. The different fees that can be charged by such companies are:


• Packing charges: Your possessions need to pack properly before it gets moved from one place to another. Fragile items that need to be moved over long distances need to be packed more carefully. Otherwise, they can get damaged easily.


• Transportation charges: It will depend on the type of moving vehicle required to move your possessions. If you need to move huge furniture, the vehicle needs to be huge to move it around the town. Transportation charges are less in case you need to move locally.


• The Insurance money: Different moving companies often charge insurance in order to ensure safety for your possessions. In case of any kind of an accident, insurance helps you to cover the damage costs. Insurance rates differ from one company to another. It is also dependant on the value of your possessions. More valuable items need more security, and hence, companies charge a higher insurance rate for them.


• Handling charges: Moving companies employ workers to work for you and pack your possessions. The money that has to be paid to them is charged to you as handling fees. If more employees are hired, handling fees will be higher.


• Value-added services charges: Apart from the charges for the conventional services that moving companies provide there are additional services available to the consumers. Very few companies offer services such as re-arranging, and hence, it can be a deciding factor while you are comparing the different companies.


Comparing after checking the services: There is a wide range of services that are provided by Moving Companies. Some of them are – hoisting huge objects through the balcony or window, custom crating, storing possessions temporarily, packing, unpacking, assembling, and the reassembling huge furniture. You should compare and choose the right moving company after checking the price-service ratio.


Compare the different reviews: The fourth most important step to hire the right moving company for you is to compare the different moving companies. Select a couple of companies that you are interested in and check the reviews. There are two ways you can get reviews- online as well as offline. Online reviews include the different websites that offer a comparison between different companies. Choose the company that has the maximum amount of good reviews. Some reviews can be gathered offline, as well. You can ask your relatives and friends for reviews as well. Ask them about the moving companies that they had hired in the past. Only then will you be able to get a rough idea about which company to choose for moving your items.


Compare the professionalism and legalities: Make sure that you choose a moving company that is licensed. You can look into the government websites to make sure if the company is registered or not. Always choose a moving company that is transparent with its proceedings. A good moving company will have a dedicated customer support team. Compare the different moving companies and choose the company that is most transparent with its proceedings.


To sum it up


Now that you are well aware of the different things that you need to look into while comparing moving companies, what are you waiting for? Do not waste time as you need to select a moving company as soon as you decide to move. In order to carry out a good analysis, you need to compare different companies. Each company has its own set of pros and cons. Only when the company that you are interested in is in sync with your plans, choose it. You have to trust your instincts and start moving!


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Car Shipping from Dubai to Any Part of the World

Yes, as the title says we will help you to ship your car from Dubai in any part of the world with utmost care. You don’t have to leave or sell your car, we will make it fly for you.
You may be shipping your favorite car for your vacation or permanent relocation, we are expert do the procedures according to your requirement. It can be a regular car or a very expensive luxury car, our team is professionally trained to prepare the arrangement since you handover the keys to, either lashing in the aircraft for air freight, or lashing in the container for sea freight, we ensure your car is been destined with utmost care.
Movers global is specialized for car shipping in Dubai, UAE of all category from luxury to regular models with utmost care, either it is car export in Dubai or car import in Dubai, through various transport modes.